happy new year!

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hello everyone!

you are welcome!

we are pleased to announce we have some dynamite gigs coming up.  but first, lets catch up on some things:

  • evan is now married
  • ted moved to boston
  • harjinder has a facebook account
  • john beard will now be referred to as “Dr. Pagode”
  • the niners are going to the superbowl.  rudy is pumped
  • jake crowe is now in BM

thanks for your patience!

jan. 26th @ sub-t with fatbook and friends.  go here for facebook details.


  1. feb. 2nd at jak’s tap.  facebook invite here.
  2. feb. 8th at mayne stage.  CARNAVAL!  go here!
  3. feb. 16th at nichols concert hall.  EEDS CARNAVAL EVENT!  10 am 12 pm.  go here.
  4. feb. 24th at Dupage’s Children Museum.  more to come.

tell all your friends!  be sure to check out our new photos on facebook.  also, be sure to check out EEDS on facebook right here.


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