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this past weekend was a blast.  lawrence university hosted its first ever samba reunion!!  bloco maximo hit friday night in room 156 and pretty much “literally” took the place by storm.  we brought lights, fog/smoke machine, laser pointers, and set up a stage.  in all, 156 was packed with about 20 of the neatest people ever.  personal shout out to kyle traska and graham thorbrogger.  BM opened their set with a monobloco arrangement and then shifted seamlessly into some rio style samba.  and then the fun began.  after grooving extremely fast and hard, the music started the fire alarm.  turns out the smoke machine  that andrew green brought set off the alarm…whoops.

there was this loud shrill sound and most of us thought some random guy was blowing a samba whistle.  we kept on trying to see who was doing it until finally it became clear that the shrill sound was in fact the FIRE ALARM.  MAN!!   the appleton fire department then came over to see what was up.  the crowd dispersed.  and then they came back.  we finished our set but it did not carry the same excitement as the initial 10 minutes.

the next day we had some masterclasses scheduled.  we all learned a lot and shared some knowledge.

it is actually now july 8th and i somehow stumbled back across this gem.  i have decided to unearth it and set it to the world.  it is incomplete but you can imagine what is up.


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